Ghorcia – A World at War

Ghorcia   a world at war

Ghorcia – Year 329

The four kingdoms of Ghorcia have had a peaceful coexistence for as long as anyone can remember. The dwarves of the Gorvosh Mountains, the elves of the Wooded Lands, the great kingdom of Paransia in the middle of the continent, and the merchant kingdom of Zarl residing by the sea. Ghorcia is a land of faith, and it’s people often credit the prosperity and peace between the kingdoms to the kindness of the Gods. This, however, is the year that all of that changes. As night fell over a snow-covered Ghorcia, the sky was lit ablaze with a fire that would change the world. A meteor made impact with the Gorvosh Mountains completing destroying the great dwarven city and much of the landscape around the mountains. At the same moment, the connection the people of Ghorcia felt with their Gods disappeared as well. Previously, the Gods would speak often to people and bestow unearthly powers unto them, but somehow the ties were severed. The words of the Gods were no longer heard, and all powers that had been given were now lost. Thus, the people of Ghorcia mourned for both the immense loss of life, and the loss of their faith. Without the blessing and protection of the Gods, the people would find new things to believe in. Money, power, vanity, fear. These things would cause a shadow of change to blanket Ghorcia, and it would become….a world at war.

Ghorcia – Year 348

Nineteen years have passed since the fateful day that the worldfire streaked across Ghorcia’s skies. The three kingdoms of Ghorcia are locked in a never ending war for control of territory. What remains of the dwarven race have dispersed between Zarl and Paransia, while the Wooded Lands remain occupied by only those of Elven descent. Paransia has the biggest army and what would seem to be the military advantage but they are unable to gain any leverage. The Wooded Lands are unfamiliar ground for Paransia’s army and no scout has ever returned to provide information. Even without a fully functional army, the merchant kingdom of Zarl is more than capable of protecting itself. Zarl is home to the most feared assassin and mercenary guilds, as well as having control of the waterways formerly used as trade routes.

Ghorcia – Year 348 – You and Your Situation

Only a few weeks ago, you were recruited into the mercenary group known as the Band of the Wolf. The captain of the Band of the Wolf, Gedric, decided that you would make a valuable addition to the group. Your skills speak for themselves, and over the course of the past few weeks you have come to know the members of the Band of the Wolf as your new family. However, last night you witnessed something that would change your life forever and shape you into the person that you become. The Band of the Wolf was assaulted in the night and the majority of it’s members slain in their sleep. It was obvious that fighting back would be suicide, and you decided to escape with several other members. Your escape was successful but not before witnessing Gedric’s last moments. Several burly dark-skinned men held Gedric down as a dwarven man taunted him. Gedric spat in the dwarf’s face, yelling out in defiance. Gedric’s face turned, seeing you and the others, his lips formed the word “run” before a knife pierced his throat. Now, you and the rest of the surviving members of the Band of the Wolf sit in the Leaky Bucket tavern of Zarl, reflecting on what has just happened. Where do you go from here?

Ghorcia - A World at War

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